I always say an artist paints their perception, if you wanted a tree painted the way it looks I am sure people could do that but, if you want me to paint something it will be how I see it and how I feel it. Art with brushes and paint isn’t photography. Once you get past the typical idea of art then you can open your mind to the true inspiration of creations.

The below paintings were never planned. I just sat down and let the spirit of god guide me to paint. They were used using arcylic paint, but all are different styles and messages. I hope you like them. Send me a message if you like them I would love to hear from you.

These drawings were made in the form of a meditation. I emptied my mind and let the spirit of god guide me. I just drew and it is very relaxing. I did use some pictures to guide me but, they were not planned. I love being guided by spirit when it comes to art.