When you see Videos on YouTube the concepts are not really clear. I know because I have watched them and it just confuses me more. It is not a subject that is well understood but how is everyone talking about it. It is like anything in this life if it is popular people will talk about it.

When you talk about the dimensions the first three are pretty simple. They talk about Length, Height and Depth. These are simple concepts for anyone to understand because it is the physical reality around us for example a tree, house, or animals. Another way of putting it is in the first dimension you can move back wards and forwards along a straight line. Then when you reach the 2nd dimension you can move, backwards, forwards, left and right but in the 3rd dimension we experience depth and this is the word we experience today. When we look at the 4th dimension it talks about time.
So, at this point in time I believe we are in the 4th Dimension because we experience length, height , depth and time. It is in this dimension we currently are experiencing a spiritual awakening and preparing for the 5th dimension.
It is in the 4th dimension we have the idea of time, days, weeks, months, past, present, future and these concepts are set in stone. Before I talk about the 5th dimension it is worth noting that there a lot of different opinions out there amongst different fields and professionals who explore the 5th dimension. I believe when you get to the 5th dimension it is a the plane of consciousness but it is only when we experience the spiritual awakening in the 4th dimension do we reach the plane of consciousness.
We can also experience different levels of consciousness as we open our hearts and therefore more open. It is by being open hearted that you ascend to a different levels and a higher state of being. This dimension does not only require you to undergo a personal change but this is also a time that our earth will also shift. People will experience a sense of unity as a community with this new consciousness the new energy of oneness will envelope the whole world with equality, no hunger, no poverty, no war, no fear, respect for all, but we will be able to communicate with people from other planets, an travel to distant universes/galaxy and manifestation will be easy. When I understood what this meant for our earth then my first reaction was this our utopia and will we get there. When this will happen I do not know but I hope I get to experience it my life time. If not maybe my next life.

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