How many times do you say the words “I am”?

Do you do it with out thinking?

If you research the words I am it goes back to the bible when Moses was talking to the burning bush and he said to the bush who will I tell the people that had sent me? The bush said “I am”

When you say these divine words you are reaffirming your god like essence. The words park that divine essence inside yourself. What do I mean by this? You look into the mirror and you say I am fat, I am old. You are reaffirming this to the essence inside your self. Some may refer to this also as your subconscious.

To avoid permeating these words into your subconscious or essence you need to think of the opposite. If you look into the mirror and you think you are old you can say “I am wise”

If you think of the worlds I am in the context of spiritual god essence some and then look at some of the phrases in the bible it starts to take on a new meaning.

Lets look at some:

If you put the word I am for God it reads different

  • God is the bread of life
  • God is the good shepherd
  • God is the Resurrection and the life
  • God is the way and the truth and the life
  • God is the vine.

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