Meditation is a popular subject and there is a lot of information about how to meditate and everyone has their opinion on the best way to meditate but we are all time poor. Who has time?

It is so hard to fit all this into your life. Here I am giving you 3 quick ways you can meditate.

1. Seated Breathing Exercising.

All you need is 5 minutes because everyone has five minutes that they can spare. It is important to take this time out for yourself because this is the most important thing. Using deep breathing exercises allow you to meditate much quicker

Step 1. Find a comfortable position in any chair of your choosing. Making sure you do you not cross your legs that might make you loose feeling and  your legs may get that tingly feeling which is normal but it can make you uncomfortable.

Step 2. Close your Eyes.

Step 3. Breath in through your nostrils and feel the breath fill your lungs. Hold this for three seconds then breath it out slowly through your mouth.

2. Meditation in Nature 

Again all you need is 5 minutes and find a spot in nature and it could be in a park at lunch time, outside your back yard in the morning or on your balcony.

Then proceed with doing a breathing exercise as mentioned above.

3. Guided Meditation 

There are various guided meditations you can do on mediation, sleeping, anxiety, and various spiritual subjects. Guided Meditations are where you listen to someone direct you through a mediation that is visualised in your mind. Guided meditations can be video, audio and in person.

Step 1 – Sit in a comfortable position

Step 2 – Listen to a guided meditation. You can find these on YouTube is the most readily available place to find them.

Step 3 – Play the Guided Meditation.

Step 4 – Close your eyes and listen the guided meditation.

Check out this Music for Meditation that I love:

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